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In mid 2011 after attending several events with sub-par photo booths and having a background in on-site entertainment, we launched Cooth Booth. Our first priority has always been to deliver studio quality images and to help make every event special and memorable.  We think its important to lead by example so while we’re silly in pics (we find that helps bring out the best smiles in guests) make no mistake, we take this very seriously!

Although our booths are works of art, the beauty is more than skin deep. Behind the scenes our photo booths are very high tech. Each booth features a high end digital SLR camera, photo-specific lighting, a powerful computer, touch screen monitors, a wireless network hub, and a photo printer that produces lab quality prints that are instantly dry to the touch (some of our competitors use ink-jet printers, are you kidding me?!). In spite of all this technology, the only thing your guests will notice is how great they look in their photos. Peruse our site to learn more and see some memorable moments we’ve captured.   

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Award Winning photo booths!

  • Winner of Best of State Award in 2018

  • Best of State Nominee in 2019

  • The Knot Best of Weddings Award  2013 + 2014

unique Booth designs

The mod

A simple minimalist design with a rustic wood finish and topped a “beauty dish” for the most beautiful, softly-lit photos! Paired with any of our beautiful backdrops, the Mod Booth will make you look your best.  The Mod booth also alows for greater flexiblity in placement at your event location.


The Retro

The Retro Booth comes in white, black, or a wedding version. It features an 8 person capacity, lab-quality prints in 15 seconds, and touch screen monitor with live preview.   This booth is great for Corporations or other private events as we can customize the sides with your logo or slogan etc.  Ask for details!


the vintage

This style is perfect for weddings, old hollywood events, Gatsby parties, steampunk events, or anything western. It’s open layout is perfect for large groups or anyplace where it’s impractical to transport a full sized booth. The digital camera is disguised inside a 1920’s inspired vintage style wooden camera.

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